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  • 1934 Allis Chalmers Rotary Air Compressor Dry Vacuum Pump Engineering Manual U
  • $12.99
eBay Rotary Air Compressors and Dry Vacuum Pumps Engineering Information. From: Allis-Chalmers, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Date: 1934 Pages: 10 Contents: This manual covers method of operation, components, accessories and more. Illustrations. Complete. Condition: Used, good. Cover shows a little wear; inside is in very good shape. Practical reference, If you have any question about this item or its cond ...  More
  • 1935 Allis Chalmers Rotary Air Compressor Dry Vacuum Pump Information Guide U
  • $12.99
eBay Rotary Air Compressors and Dry Vacuum Pumps. Informational Pamphlet. From: Allis-Chalmers, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Date: 1935 Models covered: Type "AS" air-cooled, single-stage, for pressures up to 10 lbs. G. and vacuums up to18" Hg. Pages: 4 Contents: This informative, promotional pamphlet describes the construction and operation of these machines. Also includes specifications. Illustrations. C ...  More
  • 1940 Waukesha Hesselman Oil Engine General Instructions Manual Vacuum Control O
  • $19.99
eBay General Instructions for the Care and Operation of Waukesha - Hesselman Oil Engines. Edition 10. From: Waukesha Motor Company, Waukesha, Wisconsin Date: 1940 Pages: 64 Engines covered: Waukesha - Hesselman oil engines; vacuum control type Contents: This manual contains major data with reference to engine adjustments. It includes the necessary preparations to be made for starting an engine, ro ...  More
  • Steam Turbine Lubrication For Stationary Plants 1928 Booklet Vacuum Oil Company
  • $13.0
eBay is offering.... " STEAM TURBINE LUBRICATION FOR STATIONARY PLANTS : A VINTAGE 40 PAGE BOOKLET FROM THE VACUUM OIL COMPANY. COPYRIGHT 1928...SECOND PRINTING " Soft cover booklet. Copyright 1928, stated second printing. Prepared by the Vacuum Oil Company, New York. 40 pages. "It is the purpose of this booklet to pass on to turbine operators the information and knowledge of turbine lubrication w ...  More